I want to get some of these Temple Display to make a place for my husband. I miss him so much its almost been a year since he passed but it seems just like yesterday. Life without him is very lonely but I must go on because I have no one but myself left. Oh sure I have my kids and grand kids but its just not same. One day I may meet a companion someone to spend the rest of my days with. I'm not good with being alone.

Last Day.

Last day of work before my vacation.. I'm excited and scared at the same time to go. I guess not scared. just nervous I guess .. oh well it is what it is.. going with it .. cause. I can.. Later..


I have a business that I would love to get some Brochure Printing Services printed out. It would help my business a whole lot. I do cakes all kinds been doing them for years. Learning new designs every time I make a new cake. I like to expand my horizons and learn new techniques going to be making a topsy turvy cake in May my first looks like fun to make. 'wish me luck will take pictures to post on here.

Work day over.

Work day over and two more days i will be in AZ.. finally time to relax.. whoo hoo.. I'm not ready lol.. still have to wash clothes tomorrow and pack.. Later..

Grand Daughters

I have several grand daughters that would just love doing this dance classes in santa monica ca they are young enough that they would be great dancers when they get older. Who knows they could be on dancing with the stars some day. I see it in them now as young as they are dancing around and singing to the beat of the music. I wish them luck when they grow up and learn new things.


Heard some amazing stories today.. made me cry and have chills. Thanks for sharing.. Raymie your dad will always be with you protecting you and standing right beside you . never doubt that he wont be.. Love you Son


I was thinking that I should really update my business with don allred insurance to get the best out of it. I have a cake business that I have been running for years now and to get the good coverage on it that it needs and to get the word out I should add more publicity to it. You can never have enough of getting the word out and maintaining a good health code.


Really the day I can sleep in and im up at 8.30 sucks to be me. oh well .. wait till i get to AZ the time difference is 2 hours earlier . guess I will be getting up at 6.30 am grrrr. lol . that first day is going to be crazy.. well off to the shower and then sometime today wash and dry and pack my cloths. Getting ready for the trip tomorrow night..


I would love to use this wholesale printing for my website as I have been doing website design now for 10 years. I have built many of them for many different places for candle sites to furniture sites. numberswiki.com I have learned to get them all setup for selling and printing out basic sales pitches. I have helped the people that I have did the websites for make allot of money. Which makes both them and me happy.

Bucket List

Toni’s Bucket List. 1. Ride a horse 2. Finish my book and publish it. 3. Find out some medical history on my birth parents 4. Write an article on Prairie View Nursing home. 5. Be Loved. more info one is crossed off> 6. Go see Niagara falls 7. Go to New York and see the liberty 8. Ride in a helicopter 9. Make someone happy. 10. Ride a Camel..